me Dr. Rosana Zenil-Ferguson
I joined the Department of Biology as an assistant professor on January 2019. I earned my PhD in evolutionary biology from University of Florida after completing a MSc in probability and statistics at CIMAT Mexico. My research aims to understand how often species traits evolve and how these traits change the speciation and extinction process across the tree of life. Using a combination of mathematics, statistics, and botany, I am currently studying the evolution of polyploidy and breeding systems, and whether these traits create opportunities for innovation and speciation in flowering plants.

Some publications about me:

News: I recently gave a TEDx talk in my hometown. It’s in Spanish and you can watch it here

Join the lab!

I am looking for grad students in the Fall 2020. Consider applying to our Masters or PhD program.

Also consider the possibility of writing a NSF GFRP. Some great resources here and here. Contact me and we can discuss ideas for research.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As a Latina, I have faced many challenges to become a scientist. Prejudices that range from “A woman can’t do math” to “Mexicans are lazy” have always encouraged me to work harder and to become involved in social programs that promote scientific and cultural diversity. These prejudices have taught me to work against socioeconomic, cultural, and gender biases that undermine the learning process of underrepresented students in STEM. It is not only supporting the activities from women and underrepresented minorities that we can achieve diversity. In my everyday work, I strive for educating students and colleagues of any background about implicit biases, stereotype threat, and impostor syndrome. I am convinced that by openly addressing diversity issues with our students and our colleagues we can promote inclusion beyond our labs while settling a precedent for other universities. My commitment to my students, collaborators, and colleagues is to continue creating a respectful and inclusive research environment where scientific creativity and cultural diversity is acknowledged and heard. Consider joining SACNAS and support me in this mission.